Housing Incentives

Housing Incentives for new home construction include:

  • No hook-up fee for water and sewer
  • Waive the land use permit fee
  • Two trees donated by the LeRoy Tree Board
  • $1500 LeRoy Dollars

Eligible applicants are first-time residential homeowners to the City of LeRoy and builds a new home within the LeRoy city limits.

Tax Abatement Policy

The LeRoy City Council adopted a tax abatement policy for new construction of single and multi-family homes.  The purpose of the Tax Abatement is to provide incentives to encourage the construction of new owner occupied and rental residential housing units, and to encourage replacement of dilapidated housing structures within the City of LeRoy.  You can read more about the policy here.  Please contact City Hall if you have any questions about the tax abatement policy or if you would like to apply for the tax abatement.