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LeRoy City Lines


LeRoy City Lines celebrated its second anniversary December 1.  What started as a single bus providing commuter bus service to Rochester has grown into three buses providing two routes daily to Rochester along with charter services. The growth of LeRoy City Lines has been a plus for LeRoy and the surrounding area.  Watch the following news story done by KAAL TV 6 about the one-year anniversary of LeRoy City Lines. 


In November, 2016, the LeRoy Economic Development Authority purchased a 31-passenger commuter bus.  The bus is used Monday through Friday to transport people to Rochester for work, appointments, or shopping. "To have a future, small cities like ours must be vigilant to seize upon any opportunity to enhance the attractiveness of our community," says Brian Thiel.  "LeRoy City Lines is for all of us, for commuters to get to work and back, or anyone who wants to spend the day in Rochester without having to drive."  Anyone riding the LeRoy City Lines bus can use their ticket as a transfer to catch a ride on a Rochester Public Transit bus to reach a  secondary destination.  Ticket prices are very competitive offering Spring Valley level prices.  Mayo employees who receive a subsidy from Mayo pay $148 for a monthly pass and $52 for a 10-ride pass.  Non-Mayo passengers can buy a monthly pass for $228 or a 10-ride pass for $92.  The one-way cash fare for any rider is $11.  An annual pass will not be offered at this time, but it could be added in the future.  Please visit www.leroycitylines.com or visit their Facebook page (LeRoy, MN City Lines) for more information.  Watch the following news story done by KAAL TV 6. 


Route Schedules:

Early Route-Morning                          Second Route-Morning

Depart Chester (Truck Stop)-5:10 AM            Depart Chester (Truck Stop)-6:10 AM

Depart LeRoy-5:24 AM                       Depart LeRoy-6:24 AM

      --                                                   Depart Grand Meadow-6:45 AM

Arrive St. Marys-6:05 AM                    Arrive St. Marys-7:10 AM

Arrive Downtow-6:10 AM                     Arrive Downtown-7:15 AM

Early Route-Afternoon                        Second Route-Afternoon

Depart St. Marys-4:05 PM                   Depart St. Marys-5:05 PM

Depart Downtown-4:12 PM                  Depart Downtown-5:12 PM

Arrive Grand Meadow-4:46 PM            Arrive Grand Meadow-5:46 PM

Arrive LeRoy-5:07 PM                          Arrive LeRoy-6:07 PM

Arrive Chester-5:18 PM                        Arrive Chester-6:18 PM