Situated on the MN-IA state line, less than an hour's drive south of Rochester and even closer to Austin, LeRoy is not a 'bedroom' town, but a fully outfitted city with a solid history and a clear intention to keep pace with all the forward advances of our times.

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LeRoy City Lines  Farmers' Market

LeRoy City Lines
In December 2016 the City of LeRoy - Economic Development Authority purchased a 31 passenger executive coach to provide morning and afternoon commuter service from LeRoy & Grand Meadow into Rochester.  This is also used for other local groups for travel to events... such as the recent trip of the local choir to sing at 7am for the Cancer Telethon.
LeRoy Farmers' Market

2017 will be the 3rd year for this home-grown effort to promote home-grown produce and food as well as craft and artistic products.  Many of the Thursday afternoon events had a pizza wagon to supply a community meeting place.  Visitors from as far as Washington, D.C. have attended.

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