LeRoy Commercial Club

The Le Roy Commercial Club began as the Community Club in 1920 with a membership of 100 businessmen and farmers.

One of the first projects of the organization was the reconstruction of the dam at Lake Louise on the Upper Iowa River in 1925 which had been flooded out in the early 1900's. The town was threatened with loss of water rights if a new dam was not constructed. The project was partially funded by a pageant presented at the dam site. Area residents portrayed the early Indian-Settler skirmishes.

Christmas drawing for money and merchandise, a Community Christmas Tree and street decorations are under club sponsorship. The club was instrumental in the creation of additional rental housing in 1973 and the United Fund in 1975. A major project has been the community auctions, started in 1951.

Western Day activities, in conjunction with the Le Roy Saddle Club, brought thousands into Le Roy. Parades, a rodeo featuring local entrants, and a professional rodeo have highlighted the event. The Commercial Club continues today with a reduced membership.  The Commercial Club sponsors "Summerfest" the third weekend of July.  Events include a grand parade, car show, various children's activities, many options for dining, variety show, street dance, and other activities.