Other Local Clubs

The first members of the Monday Birthday Club were limited to those living on one particular street in Le Roy. The club extended its membership after an official meeting on February 10, 1947.

Crochet and other handiwork was the main idea of the creation of the Crochet Club in 1912. Potluck suppers including family members were also held several times throughout the year. The group meets on a monthly basis with a planned type of informative entertainment. There are twelve members and several associate members.

The Christmas Club was organized in June, 1913. Its motto is, "Peace On Earth, Good Will to Men." The club sponsored a Christmas Club for the sick and needy in the community. At one time they had a Traveling Christmas Tree that was carried by bobsled to different homes of the sick and needy, caroling at the homes of shut-ins and decorating the city tree. Today, the 12 member group meets monthly for discussions of current events and literary topics. They give financial assistance to area service organizations.

The Social Literary Club was organized in 1904 to improve its members in literary exercises and social activities. There were twelve charter members. The group joined the Federation of Women's Clubs in 1914, but later withdrew from this organization. The group continues with sixteen active members and three honorary.

Three of the five charter members of the Pleasure Club still reside in the Le Roy area; Mrs. Howard Martz, Mrs. M. P. Morse and Mrs. Walter Beck. This club was organized in 1920 as a social and study group. The group makes financial donations to worthy causes at Christmas time. It still continues its practice of combining social pleasure and study. The Veterans of Foreign Wars became locally organized in Le Roy in 1982.

The Modern Woodman Acorn Camp was established in 1892. It boasted a membership of 175 before becoming defunct in the 1930's. Recently, the Modern Woodmen Corporation has become more active; sponsoring many non-profit activities in Le Roy.

The Isaak Walton League began its activities in December of 1927. It assisted in acquiring the Mower County Game Refuge areas, stocking of game fish in Lake Louise and feeding of game during winter stress times.

The Le Roy Rod and Gun Club has continued these works. A meeting building and trap shooting area is owned and operated by the group east of Le Roy.

The LeRoy Senior Citizens Club was organized in 1974. Following a dinner meeting, the group voted to meet twice monthly for dinner and a program.  Due to a bequest from the Loren Krueger estate, the group now meets every Tuesday at noon for a community dinner.  These dinners are catered by Travel Lanes and are open to the public.  The Senior Citizens raise funds through dues and from bequests/donations. Recently funds were used to renovate the restrooms in the Community Center; the group also makes contributions to organizations such as the fire department and ambulance service. Organizers were Rev. Martin Thompson, Rev. Don Jernigan, Rev. Don Lundborg, M. W. Anderson, Einer Jacobson, Mrs. Hoon and Mrs. Laura Johnson. First program director for the group was Mrs. Leah Boulet.